Medical Astrology

We are all familiar with the concept of Astrology, which involves predicting events in human lives based on celestial positions. Astrology is also considered the science of understanding our past lives. Within astrology, there is a branch known as “Medical Astrology,” which asserts a connection[…]

A Sign of Spirituality

PIN A Sign of Spirituality
Namaskar, People often inquire about the crucial quality that indicates whether a person is spiritual. Today’s article delves into this very question. An essential and highly necessary quality that should be present within a spiritual person is compassion. That’s why Goswami Tulsidas Ji has referred[…]

Muhurat: Guarantee of Success

PIN mahurta
In the realm of Hindu mythology, the concept of “Muhurat” holds great significance as a designated period considered most auspicious. This concept is deeply rooted in Indian tradition, particularly within the framework of Hinduism, where important and propitious activities are typically undertaken after the selection[…]

Science of Kundli Matching

PIN Science of Kundli Matching
In India, the concept of matching the kundli, or birth charts, of a prospective bride and groom before arranging a marriage is widely practiced. This ancient ritual holds great significance, particularly within the Hindu, Sikh, and Jain communities. But what is the reasoning behind Kundli’s[…]