Vedic Studies

Difference between Dharma and Religion 

PIN Difference between Dharma and Religion
In our Vedic tradition, many words cannot be translated into English. Like Yog (योग),Karma (कर्म), Brahm (ब्रह्म), Dharma (धर्म) etc. We consider Dharma as Religion but that’s not correct. If we try to define Religion then we can say that religion is a tradition, not[…]

Meaning of Namaskar

PIN Meaning of Namaskar
Namaskar 🙏 The most common word to greet or welcome someone in India and Hindu culture is Namaskar. It is a non-contact way of greeting. When you do Namaskar, it includes three things: First, you fold your both hands, You bow down your head, Last[…]

Importance of Vedic Studies

Our Indian Vedas has all kind of knowledge which can be implemented anywhere and everywhere. In this Video Life Coach, Author & Speaker Mr Ashish Mehta is explaining the Importance of Vedic Studies with help of a Vedic Story from our Vedas. Subscribe Youtube Channel:[…]