Mindset for Eating Food

We are all well aware that food is an indispensable element for human survival on this planet. Consuming food sustains our health and keeps our lives in motion. Although we understand its importance, research on food continues to thrive. Countless books have been written on[…]

What is Saturn’s Panoti?

PIN What is Saturn’s Panoti
In Indian Astrology, one of the scariest things is the Panoti of Shani, or Saturn’s Panoti. People believe that when this happens, it brings tough and unlucky times. If someone has Shani Panoti in their horoscope (kundli), they might feel like no effort brings good[…]

Panchang: Vedic Calendar

PIN Panchang: Vedic Calendar
Panchang is a vital tool for determining Indian festivals and auspicious timings by observing celestial movements. It serves as a Hindu Almanac, guiding us with important dates and timings. In this article, we delve into the significance of Panchang: Vedic Calendar. Panchang is extensively used[…]