Holi : Planetary Purification Technique

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Bal Bhadraji has composed a remarkable treatise on astrology in the 15th Century. Its name is – Hora Ratna.In this text, he has provided a wonderful aphorism, which is that we should strive to change our luck by making efforts:

हन्यते दुर्बलम् दैवम् पौरुषेण विपश्चिता ।
– होरा रत्न

Now, to show what kind of efforts should be made, Sage Ved Vyasa has said this verse:

उपवासैर्गवां दानैस्तर्पणैश्च मनैषिणाम् ।
ग्रहनक्षत्रजा: दोषा: प्रशाम्यन्तीह देहिनाम् ॥
– वेदव्यासजी
“upavāsairgavāṁ dānaistarpaṇaiśca manaiṣiṇām
grahankṣatrajāḥ doṣāḥ praśamyantīha dehinām”
– Ved Vyasa
This means that by pacifying or appeasing the celestial bodies and stars that represent our luck, we can change our luck.
The methods for this include fasting, charity, rituals, and recitation of mantras.

All these practices, when successfully performed, have been recommended by the sages for a few days. One such auspicious day is the day of Holi. On that day, the sun and moon align in such a unique position that by making donations or offering items as a sacrifice in the fire of Holika Dahan, the negative effects of the planets are averted for a year.

There is a sutra in the Tantric and Agamic scriptures:

होलिकादहन: दानम् संवत्सरम् दुर्भाग्यम् नाशयति ।
– तांत्रिक , आगम ग्रंथ

“Holika Dahanam: Danam Samvatsaram Durbhagyam Nashayati”
– Tantric, Agamic Scriptures

The sages have mentioned many techniques for this, but one of the simplest techniques they have mentioned is one that was taught to me by my mentors, so I am sharing it here today.

Firstly, you need to perform this technique outside your home, in an open space, garage, or yard. In India, on every street corner, in societies, or in temples, a fire is lit for the Holika Dahan ritual, and you need to offer some items into that fire. If such an arrangement is not available around you, then you can light a fire outside your home or in the yard and use this technique.

Now, this technique should be performed on the day of Holi, which is the full moon night of the month of Phalguna, at dusk. It is clearly written in the Narad Puran:

फाल्गुने पौर्णमायान्तु होलिका पूजनम् स्मृतम् ।
– नारद पुराण
“Phalgune Purnamayantu Holika Pujanam Smritam”
– Narad Puran


So, you must check the local calendar of the country where you reside. On the night of Phalguna Shukla Purnima or Holi, which means after sunset, by offering items related to the planet whose negativity you want to dispel into the fire of Holika Dahan, that planet will not bring negative results for you for an entire year.
Most Panchangs mention the auspicious timing for Holika Dahan based on the local time of the place where you are residing, which you should follow.
If it is not possible to light a fire or participate in Holika Dahan on that day, donating items as per the influence of the planets can also benefit you.

To mitigate the malefic effects of the Sun planet, take an orange-colored cloth and donate items like jaggery, wheat, cardamom, saffron, lentils, or gold into the fire. By offering this into the fire, the Sun planet will bestow favorable results upon you.

To dispel the negativity of the Moon planet, take a white cloth and donate items like rice, ghee, milk or milk products, yogurt, white flowers, or silver. Offer these items into the fire of Holika Dahan or donate them as per your capacity to ward off the malefic effects of the Moon planet.

To pacify the Mars planet, wear a red garment and donate items like lentils, wheat, jaggery, red flowers, red sandalwood, copper, or gold. Offering any of these items into the fire will lead to propitious results from the Mars planet.

For the Mercury planet, take a green cloth, ghee, green gram, green flowers, green vegetables, bronze, or metallic items. Donating any of these items by offering them into the fire will bring auspicious results from the Mercury planet.

To appease the Jupiter planet, wear a yellow garment and donate items like honey, chickpeas, wheat, yellow flowers, turmeric, or gold. Offering any of these items into the fire will result in beneficial outcomes from the Jupiter planet.

To harmonize the Venus planet, use a multi-colored cloth and donate items like ghee, camphor, sugar, rice, diamonds, or platinum. By donating any of these items to the fire, the Venus planet will bestow favorable results upon you.

For the Saturn planet, take a blue cloth, black gram, papad, black sesame seeds, iron, or a blue-colored stone like sapphire. By donating any of these items into the fire, the Saturn planet will bestow auspicious results upon you.

To appease the Rahu planet, use a black cloth, black gram, black sesame seeds, sweet balls made from black sesame seeds, copper and brass items, or iron. By offering any of these items into the fire, the Rahu planet will bring favorable results to you.

For the Ketu planet, take a gray cloth, black gram, woolen cloth, garlic, lentils, gold, or a cat’s eye gemstone. By donating any of these items to the fire, the Ketu planet will provide favorable outcomes for you.

During the time of Holika Dahan, utilizing this method to appease the troubling planet will undoubtedly lead to finding peace from its influence.

Shubham Bhavatu.

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