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People often inquire about the crucial quality that indicates whether a person is spiritual. Today’s article delves into this very question.
An essential and highly necessary quality that should be present within a spiritual person is compassion. That’s why Goswami Tulsidas Ji has referred to compassion as the root of religion.

दया धरम का मूल है , पाप मूल अभिमान ,
तुलसी दया न छांडिए, जब लग घट में प्राण ।
– गोस्वामी तुलसीदास

Remember, Tulsidas Ji emphasizes not forsaking compassion under any circumstances, even until one’s last breath. Compassion is such an important virtue.

Let’s understand how compassion is expressed and how it does not differentiate between enemies and friends through a modern tale.

In the 17th century, Aurangzeb’s forces attacked Anandpur. Aurangzeb’s army engaged in battle with Guru Govind Singh Ji’s forces approximately 4 to 5 times. In the Khalsa army, there was a Khalsa warrior named Kanhaiya. His duty was to provide water to the wounded soldiers during the battle. He was seen offering water to the enemy soldiers who were wounded.

When the battle was paused, some soldiers complained to Guru Govind Singh about Kanhaiya and informed him that Kanhaiya was also offering water to the enemy soldiers. They questioned if this was true.

Kanhaiya responded, “I don’t know which side they belong to. My duty is to provide water. I only see the pain and suffering on their faces, and that is what prompts me to assist them. I don’t consider the side they are fighting for. If I hear someone calling for water, I offer it to them. Have I done something wrong?

Guru Govind Singh said, “No, you have done the right thing. It is the duty of every human to be of help to the wounded. Whether they are our own or from another side, whether they are friends or enemies, alleviating their pain and suffering is the true duty of a human. Your action is not punishable, but praiseworthy. Take some ointment as well and apply it if necessary.

This is called compassion, which does not differentiate between one’s own and others. It does not differentiate between friend and foe. That’s why Sant Malukdas Ji has written a couplet. Along with this couplet, I will pause my pen:

मक्का, मदिना , द्वारका , बद्रि और केदार,
बिना दया सब झूठ है , कहे मलूक विचार ।
– संत मलूकदास

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