Jupiter in Taurus Predictions 2024 – 2025

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The celestial phenomenon of Jupiter, residing in the Taurus sign from 1st May 2024 to 14th May 2025, symbolizes a year-long alignment with both its disciple and its adversary, Venus. What impact will this cosmic event have on the global sphere?

Primarily, Jupiter will find itself in the domicile of its foe, Venus, resulting in a suppression of its inherent characteristics under the prevailing influences. Describing Jupiter’s essence, the ancient text Jataka Parijata articulates:

प्रज्ञावित्तशरीरपुष्टितनयज्ञानानि वागीश्वरात् ।
– जातक पारिजात

“Intelligence, vitality, nourishment, progeny, wisdom all spring from the Lord of Speech.”
– Jataka Parijata

Deciphering this verse unveils a narrative of enhanced intelligence and information technology, providing individuals with sound guidance, financial vicissitudes, and heightened pressures in the realm of public health. Delving into the industrial landscape, significant downturns are foreseen in the financial, banking, and stock market sectors.

Even amidst earnest endeavors, inevitable financial setbacks loom. A crystal-clear directive in the scriptures of Chamatkar Chintamani reads:

वृषभे गुरौ नो धनम् विश्रमेद् यत्नोऽपि ।
– चमत्कार चिंतामणि

“In Taurus, when Jupiter withholds wealth, despite efforts, losses ensue.”
– Chamatkar Chintamani

If we delve into history and examine the birth chart of the Great American Depression, also known as the Great Depression, or the Dow Jones’ most negative day on October 29, 1929, we find Jupiter positioned in the Taurus sign in this chart.

In the Sarvartha Chintamani, additional insights have been added to the list:

गजतुरग राजतंत्र नैष्ठिक कारको गुरु: ।
– सर्वार्थ चिंतामणि
– Sarvartha Chintamani

This implies that the automobile industry will face significant pressures. Transportation, both air cargo and sea cargo, will encounter difficulties. Furthermore, there will be considerable political fluctuations.

During this period, elections will take place in the United States and several states in India. This suggests that after various ups and downs, the ruling parties will emerge victorious.
Looking back a few years, when Jupiter was in Taurus twelve years ago, on November 6, 2012, during the USA elections, Obama was re-elected. Examining the birth chart of that time, Jupiter was in the Taurus sign. Historically observing Jupiter’s 12-year cycle and considering the USA’s chart, strong indications are present for Joe Biden to become the President again.


Speaking of our country, in the 2012 Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections, Mr. Narendra Modi emerged victorious and became the Chief Minister for the third time. Examining the birth chart of that time, Jupiter was also positioned in the Taurus sign.

In the upcoming general elections of 2024, in India, Mr. Narendra Modi is poised to become the Prime Minister for the third term, supported by strong astrological alignments. Reflecting on this transit globally, the Vasishtha Samhita verse states:

शिशुपशुवनितानिचयो विलयं यान्ति द्वितीयगे जीवे।
क्षितिपति कलहै: सततं मध्यमसस्यार्धदा धरणी ॥
– वसिष्ठ संहिता

“In the second house, children, animals, and women incur losses when Jupiter is in Taurus. There is constant strife among kings, resulting in wars or civil conflicts between nations, and agricultural produce is moderate.”

Confirming this, the Kashyap Samhita states:

वृषराशिगते जीवे पशुस्त्रीशिशुनाशनम् ।
सस्यहानिर्मध्यावृष्टिर्नृपाणाम् दारुणं रणम् ॥
– काश्यप संहिता

“When Jupiter is in Taurus, there is harm to children, animals, and women, moderate rainfall leads to average agricultural yield, and fierce battles ensue among kings.”

Decoding these verses, wherever conflicts and wars are unfolding in the world, the situation is likely to escalate further. Conflicts such as Iraq-Iran, Israel-Palestine, Russia-Ukraine will intensify, with more nations becoming involved in these conflicts.
Speaking specifically about India, the likelihood of war with neighboring countries is on the rise.

Another intriguing and ominous aspect mentioned in the scriptures is that when Jupiter resides in the Earth sign Taurus, there is a strong indication of earthquakes occurring. Looking back at the devastating earthquake that struck Gujarat on January 26, 2001, the birth chart of that time also reveals Jupiter in the Taurus sign.

In essence, while Jupiter is naturally a benefic planet, its transit through the sign of Taurus tends to yield more negative results overall. The Jatakachandrika highlights the specific areas that are more susceptible to negative impacts:

वित्तम् नेत्रम् वाक्कुटुम्बम् च वित्तात् ।
– जातकचंद्रिका

“Finance, eyes, speech, and family wealth are negatively influenced by Jupiter in Taurus.”

Decoding this verse reveals that when Jupiter transits Taurus, it can have a detrimental effect on the finance, banking sector, and stock market.

It is crucial to remember that Jupiter is inherently a positive planet, and although its weakened state may lead to increased negative outcomes, by heeding the advice of our advisors and utilizing our wisdom, we can still experience favorable results during this transit. By remaining vigilant about Jupiter’s significations and focusing on other positive aspects, we can navigate through this period and achieve auspicious outcomes.

Shubham Bhavatu.

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