2024 : A Year of Karmic Influence

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As we embark upon the year 2024, it is worthwhile delving into the realm of prediction through the lens of numerology and astrology. Atri Rishi, in his teaching, underscores the importance of an astrologer’s pursuit of new ideas and innovative approaches alongside the study of sacred texts.

सिद्धांतसंहितावेत्ता जातके च कृतश्रम: ।
– अत्रि ऋषि

One such endeavor involves the fusion of numerology and astrology to offer insights into the forthcoming year.
Upon the simple addition of the numbers in 2024, we arrive at the sum of 8, leading us to designate 2024 as the year of Number 8. This numerical association aligns with the planet Saturn, a concept detailed by Narasimha Daivagya in his work “Yantra Chintamani” and other esteemed texts.

अष्टम: शनैश्चरसह युज्यते ।
– नृसिंह दैवज्ञ , यंत्र चिंतामणि

The significance of this association with Saturn sets the stage for our contemplation of the potential influences of the year ahead.
Understanding the energetic resonance of Saturn becomes paramount in interpreting the likely outcomes of the year. Time-honored texts have offered numerous verses shedding light on the influence of Saturn. One such sutra from ‘Jatakadeshmarga’ suggests that Saturn signifies the sorrow of Kaalpurusha, indicating the likelihood of a year fraught with unpleasant events.

कालात्मा दुखम् दिनेशात्मज:।
– जातकादेशमार्ग

The designation of Saturn as “painful” is elucidated by the Acharyas, attributing this characterization to Saturn’s role as the bestower of karmic results. It is underscored that Saturn penalizes only actions and deeds that are wrongful or mishandled, serving as a reminder that it is the consequences of such actions that are deemed sorrowful.
The concept that Saturn inflicts suffering as a consequence of wrongful deeds is further elucidated by the Jatak Parijata, emphasizing that the repercussions of past transgressions may come to the fore in 2024.

दोषनिजकर्मे क्लेशम् करोति रविज: ।
– जातक पारिजात

This indicates a year in which concealed transgressions may surface, leading to a period of introspection and accountability for individuals.
Therefore, as we traverse the landscape of 2024, it is imperative to recognize the significance of our actions and their enduring implications. The celestial alignment of this year with the karmic influence of Saturn suggests a period of reckoning and introspection, compelling individuals to confront the consequences of their deeds. The fabric of our moral compass, the delineation between right and wrong, may undergo a transformative phase, offering profound implications for all.

In the year 2024, our collective understanding of morality and ethics is poised to undergo a profound transformation. For those who adhere steadfastly to the path of righteousness, leading disciplined lives, the year promises to yield bountiful rewards. Conversely, for those who engage in unlawful activities, the celestial body Saturn is said to exact retribution.

Indeed, the ancient wisdom of Jatak Parijat Teeka expounds upon this notion with the assertion:

शनैश्चर: बंधनस्य ग्रह: अस्ति।

signifying the influence of Saturn as the arbiter of bondage and consequences. Such prophetic insight serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of our actions and their ensuing ramifications as we traverse the unfolding landscape of 2024.

An alternative perspective illuminates the astrological symbolism at play, identifying the Sun as the King or regal sovereign and Saturn as representative of the common populace, or Praja. Within this framework, the numeral 8, or Shani, becomes linked to the concepts of authority, leadership, and governance.
Under this celestial narrative, instances of autocracy and monarchy are foretold to be met with public dissent, culminating in governmental upheaval. In regions where democratic processes dictate leadership transitions, incumbents will be compelled to prioritize pro-people initiatives or, at the very least, craft an image that is ostensibly sympathetic to the populace.

As 2024 unfolds, the prevailing prophecy portends a triumph of the people and a corresponding decline of regal authority. Upon further study, it becomes evident that Saturn’s association with the service industry heralds auspicious shifts in labor laws and remuneration for those employed within this sector.
The systemic exploitation and mistreatment experienced by laborers and service workers in certain quarters are prophesied to abate as the year progresses, marking a pivotal juncture in the ongoing struggle for fair treatment and just compensation.

The venerable text of Jatak Parijat offers a cryptic formula that presages the spheres of industry and commerce set to witness heightened activity during the year 2024:

“आयुर्जीवनमृत्युकारणविपत् सम्पत् प्रदाता शनि:”
Jatak Parijat

Deciphering the enigmatic code, a panorama of sectors emerges—among them, government, politics, construction, real estate, oil and gas, engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, aviation, legal and judiciary, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. These domains are forecasted to experience significant flux, underscoring the dynamic economic and societal landscape awaiting pivotal developments in 2024.
In the scriptures of Vridhyavanjatak, guidance is provided to discern the regions of the world, as well as your own country, that will undergo heightened sensitivity, as encapsulated in the axiom:

“सौरि: पश्चिमनाथा: विचिन्तया”
– Vridhyavanjatak

This portends a surge of activity in the western expanse of the globe, foretelling consequential events slated to unfold in nations such as America, Canada, and various European countries. Upon further inquiry, Vaidyanath Ji articulates a projection of increased challenges surfacing in mountainous regions and locales dedicated to the management of waste materials.
The year 2024 is set to witness a social upheaval in mountainous terrains where waste management activities are prevalent, as a populist movement emerges in advocate for the rights and dignities of sanitation workers.
Above all, it is paramount to bear in mind that 2024 signifies a time to adhere diligently to established norms and regulations. It stands as a year wherein the repercussions of our actions will be acutely felt. By upholding ethical conduct and maintaining the purity of our thoughts, 2024 holds the potential to propel us to new pinnacles.

In the Bhavishyapuran, the saga of King Nal illustrates the attainment of rightful glory through reverence to Shani Dev. Thus, I conclude with a prayer echoing this sentiment:

“नमोऽस्तु प्रेतराजाय कृष्णदेहाय वै नम: ।
शनैश्चराय क्रूराय शुद्धबुद्धिप्रदायिने ॥”

May 2024 be a year of profound significance and meaningful endeavors.

Shubham bhavatu.

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